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Character Birthday Party

A Birthday Party with your child’s favorite character!
Available mascots include Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, Fairy, Tinkerbell, Teddy Bear and Hello Kitty!

15 minute "Mix & Mingle"
$115 plus tax

60 Minute "Stay and Play"
$175 plus tax

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Spa Party!

Pamper your little princess with a spa party! Partygoers will be spoiled with manicures, facials and light make-up! Oh, so glamorous! 60 minutes

$135 plus tax for up to 6 children

$12 per additional child (plus tax)

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Party Bonanza!

Join our friendly staff as we play traditional birthday party games with an upbeat twist. Games like Pass the Present, Musical Chairs, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, use of the parachute and more. These activities are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 60 minutes


This party is designed with creative kids in mind. Our friendly staff will lead everyone through the creation of a spectacular craft. Children can make their own soap, crystal Christmas ornament, bath salts, truffles, decorate a t-shirt and more. 60 minutes

  • T-shirt decorating $12
  • Soap & Lip balm making $12
  • Crystal Christmas ornament $12
  • Truffles $10
  • Plate/mug painting $12
  • Chocolate bouquet $12
  • Jewelry $12
  • Cap decorating$12
  • Tote bag decorating$12
  • Picture frames $10

  • Terrariums $12

$60 base price + $6-15 /child
plus tax

Minimum of 6 children required.


Children of different age groups enjoy each others company while benefiting from early exposure to music. All instruments and accessories carefully selected to be age-appropriate. Shakers, triangles, bells and drums are among the many instruments available for all to enjoy.

75 minutes

$150 plus tax
for up to 10 children

Jewelry Party!

Children will become jewelry designers and create their very own bracelet or necklace that they can take home with them! An amazing selection of beads including crystal, glass, wood, semi-precious stones, and metal beads.
60 minutes

$60 base price + $12 /child + tax

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Hawaiian Luau!

ALOHA! Take a tropical adventure and enjoy your party paradise style! Our friendly staff will lead the celebration assisting everyone in a hula contest and the limbo. Then we’ll all try our luck at pass the coconut and end by making a Hawaiian-themed craft! 60 minutes

Pirate’s Paradise!

Land-ho me hardies hoist the flag; it’s time to celebrate! Our friendly host will help you to enter the world or pirates, parrots, treasures and eye patches! Children will participate in an adventurous treasure hunt and participate in some pirate games that they will love! Ready for some fun, mate? 60 minutes

Princess Party

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We’re calling all princes and princesses for a royal celebration with our special princess guest! She will entertain her royal subjects, assist them in creating a stunning craft (choice are available) and play games that the children will love! This is a royal celebration not to be missed! Be prepared for an enchanting time! A selection of prince and princess attire is available for the children to wear during the festivities. 60 minutes

KidScience Party

Celebrate your child’s birthday with amazing hands-on science activities full of concocting, examining and experimenting. In this highly interactive event, students will mix solids and liquids to create gas, a bouncy ball, and goop. They will watch raisins dance and build a volcano that will erupt over and over again! And there’s more! 75 minutes

$150 plus tax for up to 10 children

CARS Birthday Party

Take a ride down Route 66 with our Cars birthday party theme! Partygoers will love spending time with Lightning McQueen and his friends from Radiator Springs! 45-60 minutes


Specially designed for young engineers, this party will provide children with the exciting opportunity to learn about the world of robots! They will explore the fundamentals of robotics (basic laws of physics, principles of motion, electronics and more!) and will work together to create and program robots using the LEGO Education WeDo kits.
The WeDo system provides a hands-on, minds-on learning experience that actively involves children in their own learning process and promotes children’s creative thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills..
75-90 minutes

Pop Star Dance Party!

Mr DJ, turn up the music! Does your child like to “move it, move it?” Join our hoppin’ room of energetic grooves and rhythms in this Hip Hop/Pop Star Dance Celebration! The children will be taught choreography by our talented dance instructor and introduced to music including hip hop, R&B, and pop. You’re sure to have a roomful of dance stars when the class is over. 60 minutes

$150 plus tax

$9 for each additional child
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KidChef Cooking

Children will love this hands-on approach to cooking and eating! Our staff will assist children in the preparation of a main meal or dessert (homemade pasta, pizza or cupcakes or another recipe of their choice) and the children then get to eat what they have made! 60-75 minutes
• Homemade Pasta (Cavatelli)
• Pizza • Waffles
• Fajitas • Falafel
• Cupcakes
• Wontons (Sweet & Savoury)
• Sushi/Maki

$120 plus tax for up to 5 children

$12 per additional child

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Additional charges may apply for parties with more than 15 children.